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        UYUE dyeing workshop is committed to the production of various types of green home textile dyeing fabrics and industrial dyeing fabrics with cold, pad dyeing, Jig dyeing, overflow dyeing, and other advanced production lines.

  The company mainly produces cotton, polyester-cotton, Tencel, modal, bamboo fiber, viscose, linen, and other fabrics series, which widely used in home, hotels, medical, clothing and other fields. In particular, the company's high-count and high-density cotton and Tencel products with skin-friendly, soft, smooth, green and excellent quality are praised by customers. Products are popular in Asia, Europe, the United States, Australia and dozens of countries and regions. The company has mature fabric functional finishing ability, such as iron free, antibacterial, waterproof, flame retardant, resistant to chlorine bleaching, anti-fluff balloon, sanding, anti-down and dozens of functional finishing. The company developed five main series of fiber dyeing, honey comb, yarn-dyed, double-layer cloth, and multi-component, which are favored by consumers.


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